Lodge scholarships are available.

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Next Meetings of the Lodge


Members needed for the Fellowcraft Team!! We have several candidates in the degree process right now and need people help present the Master Mason Degree. Please join us for their Raising.


October 16, 7:30 PM - Stated Meeting.

Degree work to be announced.

There is a Family dinner at 6:30 PM provided by the E. Tappan Rogers Chapter of DeMolay. Lest help our young men continue their Masonic Journey

October 26, 3:30 to 5:00 Downtown Trick Or Treat.

We hope to participate in this event again this year. It is a fun time for the community and for us. Who will show up to pass candy out to the kids?? This is one of the most evens we

do to support our community.



Let's do something a little different. Call a Brother who has not been up to the Lodge for awhile, and invite him to attend with you. It is time to renew some of those friendships we have had for so many years.

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Submarine Sandwiches


We will be making sub sandwiches on Sept. 15th and October 20th.

Our subs have changed. We are now making two subs on smaller

buns for the same price. You get just as much and don't

have to cut it in two for a snack.  

 The more orders for subs, the we can make this a truly worthwhile 

 project and increase our donations to the various charities we support. Please consider asking your friends and neighbors

 if they would like delicious subs.